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Welcome to the Zandleven Group

Zandleven Coatings B.V.
Since 1868 paint manufacturer of Protective coatings.
Production, R&D and sales from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.
Zandleven is the brand known for the protection of steel!
Zandleven Powder Coatings B.V. & Ganzlin Beschichtungspulver GmbH 
Ganzlin Beschichtungspulver GmbH started in 1993 and joined the Zandleven Group in 1998
The production facility, mainoffice, engineering (R&D) and sales in Germany and Europe from Ganzlin, Germany. The Benelux  served by Zandleven Powder Coatings B.V. Leeuwarden with R&D, testing and sales.
Transocean Coatings B.V.
Member since 2003 of the Transocean Association.
Since 1959 Transocean Coatings is active in the manufacture and supply of antifoulings, anti-corrosives and other coatings for
hips, off-shore installations, industrial facilities and pleasure crafts.
Zandleven Engineering B.V.
Founded in 2012 as the project consultancy and inspection company for the Zandleven Group.
As a project partner for supporting and taking care of your project from design till build.
Project -> Design -> Construction -> Coating -> Inspection -> Aftercare ->
Features of the Zandleven Group:
- synergy of paint and powder coatings
- efficient plants: paint in the Netherlands, powder coatings in Germany
- laboratories in the Netherlands and Germany
- over 11.000 developed colors 
- tailor made advice
- ISO 9001 & 14001 certified
- the fastest delivery times in Europe
- over 400 products
- the coating app for IOS & Android

Some of the different product names:
Acraton, Monopox, Zancor, Zandex, Acrylon, Zandguard, Aquisil, Thermaguard, Polyfinish, Zandinol, Monochlor, Transogard,
Transunilac, Transolac, Transoprene, Transvinyl, Transpoxy, Transvinypox, Transacryl, Transurethane, Transozinc, Transoweld, Transurethane and Ganzlin.



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